### Pick your language ----- #### Blueprint availability To create a skill for a different language, you can choose a language from the dropdown in the top navigation bar. The Blueprints site will update accordingly, and any available Blueprints for that language will appear on the [Home](/home) page. Note that not all Blueprints are available for all languages. For example, an English Blueprint may not be available in Spanish, or vice versa. All skills you create, regardless of language, are listed on the [Skills You've Made](/skills) page. #### Skill and device compatibility Skills that you've created or skills that someone has shared with you can only be used on Alexa-enabled devices that are set to the same language used to create the skill. For example, you cannot launch an English skill on a device that's set to Spanish. If you publish a skill to the Alexa Skills Store, customers can only view, enable, and use the skill if their language preferences are set to the same language used to create the skill. #### Alexa app language settings To change your Blueprints language in the Alexa app, you can change the language of your Android or IOS mobile device. Note that not all languages are supported for all countries.