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Kids Fortune Teller

What will the future hold? Only Alexa knows.

Hear a sample of Kids Fortune Teller

"Alexa, open Kids Fortunes."

Alexa: Hello. I know the answers to the mysteries of life. The fates are revealing one to me now. In 10 years, you will be 3,650 days older than you are right now. Do you want me to ask the fates for another fortune?


Alexa: Your next friend will be named Skinnerdoodle Humblybum. Say hi for me.

####How to create 1. Let the sample fortunes inspire you 2. Create your own answers to the mysteries of life 3. Pick a name for your skill 4. Edit your skill any time to add more fortunes 5. Give your child access to this skill in Amazon Kids. Go to Amazon Parent Dashboard, tap on the settings icon next to your child's name, select Add Content, go to the Alexa Skills tab, and then toggle your Blueprint skill on ####How to use Let your family and friends know how to ask for a fortune. Each time, Alexa will select a completely true, and not at all random, fortune from your list.