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Sorting Game Beginner

Play a game of categories starting with a certain letter.

Hear a sample of Sorting Game Beginner

"Alexa, open Sorting Game Beginner."

Alexa: Welcome to Sorting Game Beginner. Train your brain for three minutes a day with this word sorting game. To start a new game, say 'start game'. To hear the instructions on how to play, say 'help'.

"Start game."

Alexa: Starting a new round. Three minutes, ready, set, sort. Sort these school supplies A to Z.

####How to create 1. Let the sample categories and sorting methods inspire you 2. Customize it! More categories add fun, we recommend creating at least 5 categories 3. Increase the challenge, we recommend at least 10 words per category 4. Name your skill 5. Edit any time to add variety 6. Give your child access to this skill in Amazon Kids. Go to Amazon Parent Dashboard, tap on the settings icon next to your child's name, select Add Content, go to the Alexa Skills tab, and then toggle your Blueprint skill on ####How to use 1. Open your skill. 2. Follow Alexa's instructions. Sort as many things as you can before 3 minutes are up. 3. Try another round.