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Game Show

Buzz in with Echo Buttons in this custom trivia game.

Hear a sample of Game Show

"Alexa, launch Game Show"

Alexa: Welcome to the super funtime game show. Before we get started, how many contestants will be playing today?

"Two Contestants"

Alexa: Righto! Can each of you in turn, please press your Echo Button?


Alexa: Ding dong! Hey there, Contestant 1


Alexa: Toot toot! Thank you, Contestant 2. How about a round of applause for our contestants! Alright then contestants, let's get started. What is Gammy Gemma's middle name?


Alexa: Toot toot! Contestant 2, what's your answer?

"I think it's Calliope?"

Alexa: Correct! I know someone who's getting better gifts this Christmas!

> ![Echo Buttons]( This skill requires two to four *Echo Buttons*. *Echo Buttons* offer a new way to play game skills through your compatible Echo device. To learn more just ask *'Alexa, what are Echo Buttons?'* or visit the <a href="" target="_blank" title="Echo Buttons Detail Page">Echo Button Page.</a> --- Come on down! In this blueprint, you'll write a set of questions; the more the merrier! You can then determine how many questions constitute a game, and Alexa will pick randomly from the set you wrote. During the game show, she'll read your questions out, and your contestants will have to race to buzz-in first with their Echo Buttons, before answering them verbally. The contestant with the most correct answers, wins! You can optionally add personality to your game show by writing lines for Alexa to say when your contestants get answers right or wrong, or have Alexa jump in with a helping hand by writing hints for each of your questions. Whether you're entertaining your family with in-jokes, or delighting your students with an all-singing all-dancing pop-quiz, you're bound to be a big hit! --- ####How to create 1. Fill in your questions and answers 2. Add personality as you write Alexa's responses 3. Customize the rules of the game ####How to use Grab 2-4 Echo Buttons and open your skill. Each turn: * Alexa asks a question * Players race to buzz in with their Echo Buttons * The first player to buzz in answers the question Alexa tracks score. The contestant with the most correct answers wins.