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Onboard Guide

Provide new team members with a guide to your organization.

Hear a sample of Onboard Guide

"Alexa, open Team Guide."

Alexa: Welcome to your guide to the team. You can ask where and how-to questions, or ask for contact information. What would you like to know?

"How do I mail a package?"

Alexa: Go to the business center on the second floor of Building A. It’s open between 11am and 1pm Monday through Friday.

####How to create 1. List resources and where to find them, from the supply cabinet to the Cafeteria. 2. Give instructions on how to request a VPN token, connect a mobile phone to the network, or make healthcare selections 3. Include important contact info helpful for new members of your organization 4. Pick a name for your skill 5. Edit any time to add more information 6. Share your skill for others to use on their Alexa-enabled devices ####How to use Teach new members of your team to open your skill on their Alexa devices. Provide them with a list of questions Alexa can answer about your team or organization.