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Santa's Letter

Write and send a letter to Santa. Then check back every day to track its progress to the North Pole.

Hear a sample of Santa's Letter

"Alexa, open Santa's Letter."

Alexa: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Right now, your letter is being carried to the North Pole. All over the world, Santa's special mail carriers are gathering letters and bringing them to the Arctic Circle. It's a long journey, but the letters always get there on time. Make sure you check back every day for more news.

### How to create 1. Gather your family and write a letter to Santa. 2. Customize the daily updates that Alexa provides as the letter travels to the North Pole. 3. Name and create your skill. ### How to use 1. Open your skill as a family to send the letter to Santa. 2. Re-open the skill each day until Christmas to hear daily updates. ### Tips - After writing the letter to Santa, parents should customize the rest of the experience on their own so that the daily updates are a fun surprise for the kids. - In their letter, kids can tell Santa everything they want for Christmas. - Each kid can write their own letter to Santa within the same skill. - Each week, kids will see a different background image on Echo Show and Echo Spot. - Alexa will deliver most of the daily updates, but parents can (optionally) include messages from Santa himself!