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Wild Workout

Get your kids up and moving by creating physical activities for every day of the week.

Hear a sample of Wild Workout

"Alexa, open Wild Workout."

Alexa: Time to move around and give your brain a break. You can start today's workout, hear today's workout details, or check your progress. What do you want to do?

"Start today's workout."

Alexa: Ok, let's get moving. [...]

####How to create 1. Create customer workouts by choosing exercises and how long you'll do them 2. Create a weekly schedule of workouts 3. Customize how Alexa motivates you during your workouts 4. Name your skill 5. Edit any time to add variety 6. Give your child access to this skill in Amazon Kids. Go to Amazon Parent Dashboard, tap on the settings icon next to your child's name, select Add Content, go to the Alexa Skills tab, and then toggle your Blueprint skill on ####How to use Start your workout each day and let Alexa coach you through it. Add variety by adjusting your weekly schedule, changing workouts so they don't get boring, or by adding new ones. ####Tips Create a set of workouts you like to repeat. You can mix them up by adding new activities, or adjusting the length of exercise.